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"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" – Hippocrates
"Your emotions affect every cell in your body. Mind and body, mental and physical, are intertwined" – Thomas Tulko (Sports Psychologist and Author)
"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" – Joseph Pilates
"Health is a normal condition. It is a duty not only to attain but to
maintain it" – Joseph Pilates
"Millions have never learned to master the art of correct breathing"
– Joseph Pilates
"We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising" – Dr. Kenneth Cooper
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pilates is the answer

Originally designed as a form of physical rehabilitation, Joseph Pilates started what he called 'Contrology' as this method of exercise required "the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit".

More than 80 years later, Pilates is now a very popular form of exercise worldwide. It is used by a wide range of people from athletes and dancers to seniors and people at various stages of rehabilitation, as the exercises can be modified from basic to advanced.

Stress, inactivity, illness and poor/incorrect training techniques all lead to our bodies gradually becoming misaligned by way of muscle imbalances in strength and length and the development of tight/shortened and tight/lengthened fascia. These changes result in poor posture and painful conditions. Poor posture and movement then creates more stress for the body and the cycle continues.

Pilates is the answer to this problem as it promotes strength, uniform muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion in joints, allowing movement to flow through the body in a natural way. It will change the way you move in both exercise/sport and your everyday life. Known as the 'Intelligent exercise' it increases the awareness of the proper placement of the spine and pelvis, whilst creating an inner strength to support the natural curves of the spine.

how pilates works

Pilates is not like any other exercise you’ll come across. It strengthens your body from the inside out as each exercise requires core stabilisation and mind-body awareness. The ‘core muscles’ of the body are made up of the deep stabilising muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvic floor. These are the muscles we rely on to support the torso while maintaining good posture and efficient movement patterns. Pilates exercises include correct postural alignment, active, conscious breathing to engage the deeper abdominal muscles, stretching, strengthening and accuracy of movement. The entire body co-ordinates as a whole, instead of one part working in isolation. You will learn to breathe correctly from the diaphragm, activating and using your abdominal muscles to power your movements. As you develop your core strength, you develop stability throughout your entire torso.

why pilates is the best exercise you can do

Making Pilates your exercise choice or incorporating it into your exercise regime has countless benefits:

  • It improves posture – the frame of the body is supported by creating good alignment and a strong core.
  • It increases body and postural awareness in both exercise and everyday life.
  • It is a lasting and functional solution to back pain – As the core strength develops, the back muscles learn to work in harmony with the
    abdominal muscles, forming protective support for the spine whilst alleviating excess pressure on the spine.
  • It improves your functional abilities to perform everyday tasks – as your overall strength and flexibility increases
  • It enhances your sporting performance – the stronger the core of the body is, the more powerful and efficient the movement at the
    extremities will be.
  • It relieves stress – the breathing technique used in Pilates floods the body with oxygen and has been said to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. A Pilates session provides ‘time out’ as you take your mind inside your body, concentrating on achieving the balance, co-ordination and control of the exercises.
  • It has many aesthetic benefits that include developing a flat stomach, long lean muscles and a graceful way of moving.
Options to choose from:

Option 1: Private one-on-one sessions (mat and equipment)
Option 2: Bring a friend or two for Duet or Trio sessions (mat and equipment) (Private, Duet and Trio sessions done in a fully equipped Pilates studio)
Option 3: Group mat classes (with big and small balls, bands and Pilates rings)

Contact Lisa to find out which option is best for you!